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Hash Tag Used To Redirect Malicious Sites – Twitter

by Unallocated Author

Twitter is now used for scams by cyber criminals to increase the followers of particular profile in twitter, the popular Hash Tag (#) is now used to increase visibility of scams to users.

The newly created #IfMyPhoneGotHacked hashtag is included in tweets promising services that would augment the follower count on Instagram and Twitter, according to Jovi Umawing from Malwarebytes.

Eventually the hash tag created the result for the recent compromise of the iCloud services accounts belonging to female celebrities like Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst or Victoria Justice.

The content showed the nude, topless pics of celebrities and leaked online by hackers.The links included in the spammy posts lead to pages offering more followers, but in some cases, they also point to websites offering potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).

Various files from the websites redirect has third part toolbar to create virus and to hijack browsers are provided in the websites redirected.

Furthermore, the researcher said that during the analysis they observed that a download link “directed to a page pretending to be from a legitimate adult website.”

Users are advised to tread with care when clicking links in tweets related to hot topics and beware of fake posts and scam as many new scams taking place all over social networks.

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