MHDDoS – A DDoS Attack Script With Over 50 Different Methods

Get ready to git this cloned as soon as possible, MHDDoS. This  Distributed Denial of Service( DDoS ) tool comes from Matrix Development, it is written in python and has over 50 attack methods included. Clone the repository and install the pip requirements and you’re off. The requirements rely on quite a few python modules like cloudscraper, dnspython, impacket and icmplib. These tools all work together with a Java Web interface and has its own proxy file as well.

Using the MHDDoS tools

MHDDoS has a tools console where you can utilize various network commands like ping- to test the response time of an ICMP request, CFIP from Cloudflare to check IP addresses, check, for website status and DNS, just to name a few. The best thing about this feature is that it is a separate script from the rest of the modules so you can run an attack simultaneously.

There are also numerous attack modules included in this tool. They include layer 7(Application) attacks like GET/POST floods, AntiDDoS bypass and Cookie PHP attacks. you can also find layer 4(Transport) attacks like automated SYN Floods, Minecraft Bot attacks RDP Amplification and a proxied version as well.

Usage Examples from GitHub Wiki

Layer 7:

# Running bypass attack from 101 threads, 
# with socks 5, 100 requests per proxy (connection), for 3600 seconds  
python bypass 5 101 socks5.txt 100 3600
# Running bomb attack from 50 threads (be careful must be < 300)
# with all proxies (0), 100 requests per proxy (connection), for 3600 seconds
python bomb 0 50 proxy.txt 100 3600

Layer 4:

# Running udp attack from 1 threads, for 3600 seconds  
python udp 1 3600
# Running dns attack from 100 threads, for 3600 seconds  
# with reflector servers from dns.txt, for 3600 seconds  
python dns 100 3600 dns.txt
# Running minecraft attack from 1000 threads
# with socks 5, for 3600 seconds  
python minecraft 1000 3600 5 socks5.txt

Java based web interface



This tool is fun to play around with and I would love to have this in my tool chest on a penetration test. The easy installation and the web interface are very beneficial but all those included attack vectors blow my mind! This one takes the cake with a 5 out of 5 bunnies.

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