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Glass, Metal Products Producer Ardagh Group Suffered Cyber Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
Ardagh Group cyber attack

Another corporate entity has disclosed a cybersecurity incident. The recent victim is the European packaging firm Ardagh Group that shut down its services following a cyber attack.

Ardagh Group Disclosed Cyber Attack

Reportedly, Ardagh Group, a Luxembourg-based firm has disclosed a cyber attack via a recent security update. Ardagh-Group is a giant European firm known for producing metal and glass-based packaging products. The firm currently boasts its existence across 89 facilities in 22 countries with a staff of 23,500.

As the notice revealed, the company had to temporarily shut down its IT services to contain the cyber attack. Nonetheless, their packaging facilities and shipments continue normally. Though, they have warned customers of potential delays during shipments.

Production at all of the Group’s metal beverage packaging and glass packaging facilities has continued to operate throughout this period. While products have continued to be shipped to customers, we have experienced some delays as a result of this incident.

Also, they suffered an impact on some other operations that they had to manage manually.

Certain other processes, including some supply chain operations, have been affected, and alternative solutions, including manual workarounds, have been implemented, to enable us to continue to respond to our customers’ needs.

Besides, the company also fears some loss of revenue due to the subsequent impact on its operations.

Nonetheless, they continue investigating the matter as they involved the relevant experts.

More Details Awaited

For now, the ‘what’, ‘who’, and ‘when’ of this cybersecurity incident remain unanswered. While Ardagh Group disclosed the cyberattack themselves. However, they haven’t elaborated on the kind of attack, the timelines, and the subsequent remedies they’re carrying out.

So, while the probabilities are many, the incident (and the kind of disclosure) presently hint at some ransomware attack. Usually, companies have to shut down IT services in the wake of a ransomware attack. Nonetheless, targeted breaches and malware attacks may also lead to such rapid shutdown. Until more details surface online, no one can comment about what had happened to Ardagh.

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