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How Can Someone Can Hack Your Phone Without Touching It?  

by Mic Johnson

Is it really possible? Can someone hack my phone without touching it? Yes, it is possible, however can only really be achieved under certain conditions such as through social engineering, compromise of old software or manipulating traffic to the device while being on the same network. Once those conditions have been met tracking software such as mSpy and Flexispy can be installed to monitor the device. 

Ethical Phone Unlocking
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Why Do People Hack Phones?

A parent may want to monitor who their kids are calling and texting. An employer may want to monitor employees’ activities. Someone may want to track the location of his or her spouse. Law enforcement might use hacking to expose a major criminal. Or, a cybercriminal may be randomly stealing data.

How to Hack Into a Phone Without Physical Access to It

It is technically possible for someone to hack your phone without physically touching it. This is usually done through remote hacking methods such as exploiting vulnerabilities in the phone’s operating system or using phishing techniques to trick the user into downloading malware onto their device.

To install TheOneSpyuMobix or mSpy the above or physical access would be required.

What Kinds of Monitoring Software Do People Use?

There is actually a rather wide selection of apps available in todays market, including these globally popular brands:

    • TheOneSpy
    • mSpy
    • uMobix
    • Mobistealth
    • Flexispy
    • Highster Mobile

Hacking a Smartphone

Hacking phones that are enabled with “smart” web-telecom technology is more challenging than hacking regular cell phones. Advanced security features protect smartphone models.

Some of the high-tech security features for smartphone data protection protocols include use of passwords, pin numbers, fingerprint unlock features, and even 3D facial recognition.

How To Find Out if a Cell Phone Has Been Hacked?

Being aware of these most common signs of phone hacking can potentially help phone owners minimize their losses from invasion of their cell phone data files:

  • The phone battery drains quickly even when the phone hasn’t been used much
  • Sudden sluggishness of the phone’s functioning
  • The cell phone number has been ported without the phone owner’s knowledge
  • The phone is displaying “SOS Only” where bars normally indicate reception levels

Of course, these may also just be indicators that the phone needs replacement or repair, the operating system needs to be updated, or the battery needs to be replaced. But, if none of these normal causes appear to apply, the phone may have been hacked, and malware may be installed that is illegally gathering the phone owner’s data.

How to Restore a Hacked Cell Phone

First of all, you have to be proactive. You can do things, like installing antivirus for your android phone, or at least be more careful with your surroundings as they say prevention is better than cure. On the other hand, in the case you have been hacked already, the quickest and easiest method of removing a hacker’s app from a cell phone is simply to reset the phone back to the original factory settings. Resetting deletes all data, so phone owners should preserve important files prior to using the reset option.

Another approach is to go to the phone’s system settings and select the “Security” tab. Examine the phone administrator fields. This is where most spyware accesses cell phones. Uninstall unfamiliar apps.

CAUTION: Spyware may be disguised with file names such as “system update service.” So, beware of deleting these without professional guidance.

Modern Phone Hacking Tools

Today’s cutting-edge phone hacking solutions are easy to install and use. Hacking app suppliers have official websites, where hackers can select the type of device they want to hack and subscribe to their preferred hacking tool package. There is even customer support available for those experiencing issues with their hacking tools!

Phone hackers clearly have all the advantages over their prospective victims. Therefore, phone owners should maintain routine checks of their phones and take prompt action to remove any suspicious digital files.

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