Hackers Target Putin’s Website Thousands of Times A Day

One of the Russian officials revealed that the country Russia faces hundreds and sometimes thousands of cyberattacks every day, many of those are launched from the United States.

Russia is the country that’s most often blamed for cyber attacks that happen on other nations. Even the United States claims that Kremlin had tried to disrupt the election process in 2016. But the country’s Security Council head Nikolay Patrushev told that the Russia itself was a target for hackers.

In a public statement, Nikolay said that the US authorities accusing Russia of hacking their systems has no proof and they are just false allegations.

“Obama’s administration accuses Russia of hacking attacks without giving any proof, but deliberately ignores the fact that all major internet servers are located on US territory and are used by Washington for intelligence and other purposes aimed at retaining [US] dominance in the world,” he said.

Moreover, the Russian official said that his country itself is a target for hackers, who are always trying to break into the Kremlin government’s computers to steal data.

“Recently we noted a great increase in attempts to inflict harm on Russia’s informational systems from the external forces,” he stated.

President Vladimir Putin is also one of the popular targets for hackers, and his website is continuously under attack, Patrushev revealed. There are days when the number of cyber attacks launched against Putin’s website exceeds one thousand, he said, and many of these attempts are launched from the Europe, United States, China, or India.

“However, it does not lead to a situation when we say that we know [US President Barack] Obama ordered [this attack] and the White House is behind it,” he continued.

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