Metasploit Now Supports Hacking of Cars

Everyone who knows anything about hacking will know what Metasploit is, no need for a formal introduction. After a major update to the platform, functionality for hardware hacking and cars (amongst other hardware) has been introduced.

Rapid7 transportation security research director Craig Smith says that Metasploit can be trained to work with almost any vehicle interface.

“Metasploit condensed a slew of independent software exploits and tools into one framework and now we want to do the same for hardware. The Hardware Bridge API extends Metasploit’s capabilities into the physical world of hardware devices.

“Much in the same way that the Metasploit framework helped unify tools and exploits for networks and software, the Hardware Bridge looks to do the same for all types of hardware.”

Smith goes on to say that Metasploit will offer several interactive vehicle-related commands for cars that sport CAN buses.

What is this CAN you speak of?

CAN stands for Controller Area Network and is a vehicle bus standard designed for enabling electronic control units and devices to communicate with one another in applications without a host computer.

Some applications for CAN are:
– Engine Management Electronic Control Unit
– Transmission Electronic Control Unit
– Anti-Lock Braking Electronic Control Unit
– Traction Control Electronic Control Unit
– Airbag Electronic Control Unit
– Power Steering Electronic Control Unit
– On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Connector
– Controller Area Network (CAN Bus)

Metasploit will updated in due course to cover more hardware hacking including internet-of-things (IOT) devices, software defined radio, and even industrial control systems.

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