Fake Watch Dogs PC Torrent Appears, Infects Pirates with Coin Mining Malware

Watch Dogs is set to debut tomorrow, on May 27, and already copies of the game have been sold worldwide by different retailers, while pirated editions for consoles like PS3 or Xbox 360 have also appeared online.

Over the weekend, however, a fake PC edition of the game, which was allegedly cracked by scene group Skidrow, appeared on certain torrent websites.

However, it was a fake, as it didn’t actually include the game. It did have, however, various coin mining malware for bitcoins and litecoins, according to Reddit.

More specifically, it introduced a new bit of malware onto the target PC that used the CPU to do complex calculations in order to generate coins for the original source.

This led to general instability for the target computer and many pirates complained about it on torrent websites.

Complete anti-virus scans and a close examination of your current processes are recommended, just to make sure you aren’t infected by such software from other sources.

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