Fake Google Chrome app has been found in Windows 8 Metro

The app is called GoogleChrome PC,” the app – which could make many users believe that they are actually downloading a Metro port of the famous Google browser – is just a simple guide that shows you how to install the application on the desktop side of your operating system.

The description of the app contains some spelling mistakes too, which in most of the cases is the perfect sign that we’re dealing with a fake app.

“The new version of google chrome is released in windows 8 and windows 8.1. this app is a complete guide to install that web browser and the news of new releases ofgoogle chrome and tricks video lectures of installing and running the browser and the easy steps how to make the browser more efficient and interesting. just a tutorial. plz note it is not an official application,” this description reads.

Of course, you should really stay away from such apps until Microsoft actually decides to clean the store and block spam apps, but it might take a while until this is actually happening

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