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Department Of Education (DOE) Website Hacked

by Unallocated Author

Nigeria Cyber Army,a group of hackers hacked and defaced the official website of State of Indiana Department of Education(DOE), Monday morning.The home page of the DOE website was left with a deface page along with a note, but the reason for targeting the site was not mentioned anywhere.It was a random act of hacking.

DOE said it was hacked due to a vulnerability in Drupal, a content management system. The site had been taken down. It has since come back online.

“Hacked by cY63r M4R$#4L | Nigeria Cyber Army xD”,this was the message displayed after hacking the website by the hackers.

The statement by the Department of Education (DOE) :

This morning, the Indiana Department of Education’s website was hacked due to an apparent Drupal vulnerability. However, there is no sign that any data hosted on the website was compromised. The Department’s Information Technology staff has taken the website down temporarily while this issue is addressed. It is currently anticipated that the website will be down at least through the rest of the day.

The website is working and normal now.DOE is trying to tighten the security and are taking effective measures to find the hackers behind this issue.

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