Fake Viber Email Alerts Leads To Malware

Scam emails are being received by Viber users around the globe, these emails claim to be sent by Viber messaging app giving you a missed call waiting alert. It invites you to use a link to listen to the missed call voice message.Actually this email isn’t sent by Viber and when clicked it opens a compromised site that contains harmful malware instead of the voice message.

After the link is clicked a file is automatically downloaded that checks what operating system and browser is currently being used, if you’re using windows and the internet explorer the website will start download a .zip folder on to the system which contain an .exe file, when the .exe is clicked (installed), the computer system in joined up to the Asprox botnet.

Once it has been added to the Asprox botnet, cybercriminals can take control of the computer system and install further malware into the system. This malware can release sensitive information like saved passwords from the computer system.Then the hacked computers will be used to spread the malware to more users.

Hoax-Slayer reports that this scam campaign is very similar to another campaign of malware emails that purported to be from WhatsApp messaging service.So Viber Users be aware of this and don’t let the malware to install into your computer through the fake alerts.


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