The craziest gaming desktop PC’s

craziest gaming desktop PC

A PC subermerged in Oil
Now this is a serious case mod if I’ve ever seen one. It’s a 100-pound gaming rig from Hardcore Computer. The specs are supposed to be insane and that’s nothing new; it’s for gaming. This PC’s special trait is that it resides submerged in 4.5 gallons of cooling oil, which is custom designed specifically for PCs. It’s supposed to be very stable and more efficient than air or water-cooled machines. The real question is: what happens when you break it in a drunken rage? Will your apartment suffer the next Deep Impact?

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This one is called the Opprezzor

This is so far the most ambitious one of the saga. This is an original design not like 1 & 3 that are made from the same original design. This project was exclusively build for the Cooler Master Competition 2012. It is cooled by the CM GeminII M4 and Powered by the CM Silent Pro 850. The futuristic is part of the storyline that masbuskado created in 2009 when he start making the SAGA: Opprezzors vs HOTG (Hands of the Gods). More about this project can be found in the first build log published on the forum.

craziest gaming desktop PC







Crazy gaming rig

Nowadays, the performance of a high-end computer is absolutely amazing; however, the heat produced is also awful. Even if you have a very nice air cooling system, the dissipated heat would still raise the indoor ambient temperature. Scarcity of land and very hot weather during summer in Hong Kong are the most critical constraints to this chassis design. In order to eliminate the mentioned contraints, this chassis design would not take up a large volume for making best use of the local space, while the excess heat could be emitted to outdoor for achieving a good computer cooling performance.

craziest gaming desktop PC








Dark Blade

Created by an enthusiast who goes by the name G69T, Dark Blade is one of the most spectacular PCs ever built. The entire case was made from scratch using metal milling machines and the liquid cooling system has two large cylindrical reservoirs with rotating blades inside.

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Hanger 101 by Max Erlandsson

Sci-Fi is a popular theme in PC Modding and Hanger 101 is inspired by the classic NX-01 Enterprise’s warp core. It’s another project that was built entirely from scratch using metal and acrylic and is one of several projects Max Erlandsson has created over the years.

craziest gaming desktop PC


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