Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram Account Hacked

Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked on Tuesday. Two tweets were sent out to her 51.4 million followers asking them to follow @veriuser and @lizzard users who claim to have ties to the Lizard Squad – the group which claims responsibility for shutting down North Korea’s internet in December.

Tweets tweeted by the hacker were deleted within 15 minutes, as Twitter or Taylor Swift itself seemingly recovered the account.

Taylor Swift’s Instagram account was hacked into shortly thereafter, posting a photo imploring her fans to follow someone associated with the Twitter hack. She has 20 million followers on Instagram. That account also appeared to be recovered after a few minutes, deleting those photo.

The hackers also claimed to have stolen nude photos of Swift, which they would release for a small payment in Bitcoin.

Swift has reclaimed her Twitter account, thanking Paramore’s Hayley Williams “for being the first to text me about the hack this morning” — but not before this all-star quip:

The hackers’ claims that they have nude photos (but not, however, with parody lyrics).

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