Malware Hidden In Fake Steam Pages – Scam

The developers behind real-game Octopus City Blues discovered that their game product page was copied and included a 7-level demo of the game in steam. By downloading the demo, you download some nasty, nasty malware onto your computer. The developer has complained to Steam, and they requested that fans do the same.The page is still present in steam.

“I reported the page and mentioned that I’m the creator of the original Greenlight page, and asked fans to report it as well, but it’s still up as you can see.” “There were a few comments on the fake page warning people, but it seems that they were deleted. If it stays up I might send a DMCA complaint since companies take them more seriously”,Octopus City Blues designer Firas Assaad told me via email.

Octopus City Blues is not the only one with a spoofed page either. Similar malware traps have been devised for Street Fist 2 and Garlock Online.So beware of this steam users.Users are also suggested to complain about this fake page to Valve.

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