US Based Company Hit With A Cyberattack, Over $3.8 million Stolen

Afognak Native Corp, a US based company fell victim last month to a cyberattack in which $3.8 million of a subsidiary’s money was transferred to an offshore bank account, a spokesperson for the corporation confirmed Wednesday.

The company explained to the group’s 900 shareholders in a letter about the cyberattack.After the corporation officials realized that a cyberattack has occurred they immediately contacted the FBI and their corporate bank.The attack was launched in April 2015 from either Asia or Eastern Europe, according to the officials.

An email was then sent from the fake account to the Alutiiq controller with instructions regarding a “confidential transaction” by a person who called minutes later asking for the “urgent” transfer of $3.8million to a fabricated business account based in Hong Kong. The controller was asked to keep the demand confidential.Believing that the request from authentic sources the controller transferred the money, according to the spokesperson.

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