How To Delete Empty Folder With One Click

Why do you wanna have empty folders for no use? You can download software when your tired to search and delete. This program does a great job by deleting the empty folders and saving our time.

The software scans the computer very fast for finding empty folders and we can view the result in tree format or read a log file, we can even analyze icon description (example: “android files” , “iPhone photos“) as well as a color description (example: red: will be deleted, blue: protected and gray: will not be deleted)

Step1: Download, install, and run Remove Empty Folders.

Step2: Now click Browse… button and specify the target location

Step3: Click Scan button and wait for couple of seconds (depends upon our computer speed)

Step4: On right side of the software you can see the list of empty folders

Step5: Right-click on a folder to Open in Explorer,Protect or Add to Ignore list 

Step6: Click Delete folders to delete all the empty folders.


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