Top 10 Screen Recording Software For Windows

Screen recording software can be useful when you want to show a project or some informational video on Howto or a presentation or even record a game to share your game play with your friends and family.

We have listed few best screen recording software. Links will open in new tab.

1.CamStudio (Free)

CamStudio is used widely for recording screen and capturing. You can even enable or disable your mouse cursor, record sounds from software or a microphone. You can even select your screen pixel to be recorded or a selected program window so that the rest won’t be recorded in your desktop.

2.Ezvid (Free)

Ezvid is a screen recording software with an in-built video editor where you can split your recordings and you can add text and slip your recordings and create a slideshow effect and speed control. Using this software you can upload your video directly to YouTube.

3. Jing (Free)

Jing allows you to capture video, animation and images and share them on internet. In jing we can create short keys to make things quicker. You can record and selected Window or region that you would like to record in Jing

4.Screenr (Free)

Unlike other software screenr has nothing to do with you computer or install on your computer. It is a free online tool where you can record your screen without installing any software on online. It requires Java and you can record upto 5mins maximum.

5. Rylstim Screen Recorder (Free)

Rylstim Screen Recorder is simple software that just records your screen after you hit “Start Record” This software does’nt record input device like microphone. Rylstime is a free software and you can even get a paid version too. This software is useful for people who are lazy on configuring their settings.

6.Camtasia Studio (Paid) (Free Trial Version only)

Camtasia studio best paid software for screen recording or screen capturing. You can even import videos, music, photos and customize according to your need. You can even export your video or upload your video directly to YouTube.

7. Webinaria (Free & Open Source)

Webinaria is a open source software for screen recording and screen capturing. Using this software you can create Flash(AVI to FLV) recordings of your desktop, record microphone with your presentation or demo and even save or edit your recordings to add voice, webcam or text.

8.FRAPS (Paid) (Free Trial Version Only)

FRAPS is widely used by gamer’s to record game play. Fraps can capture audio and video upto 7680×4800 with custom frame rates from 1 to 120 fps (Frames per second). In Fraps we have hotkeys to record screen. It also used for recording movies at great quality.

 9.ActivePresenter (Free + Paid)

Active Presenter is similar to other screen recording softwares. You  can add voice, call-outs, annotations, videos and graphics. You can export your video to website,desktop,mobile device.

10.Icecream Screen Recorder (Free)

Icecream screen recorder a free tool to record your screen as a screenshot or a video. Easy to use and can record Skype video in HD and record webinars and games. In 3 ways to explain this is easy,simple and useful tool.

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