Free App from Microsoft to Move Your Files from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Microsoft partners with Laplink Software, Inc. to provide free download of Laplink’s file transfer software PCmover.

This tool is used to transfer files and folders from one computer to another, this will be free version until August 2016 and is for personal, non-commercial use only.

You can download your copy on Microsoft official page. Install the software on your new and old PCs to transfer your files, folders and settings, this won’t affect the files or personalized settings when you transfer your data.

If you want to use PCmover Express, then your old and new PCs must be connected to the Internet.

According to Thomas Kool, Laplink’s CEO “We’re fully committed to this relationship with Microsoft in support of all Windows users, Our latest version of PCmover makes it easier than ever for customers running Windows XP, all the way to the latest release of Windows 10, to migrate their personal files, folders, and other settings to their new PC.”

Note: Apps install on your old PC need to be manually re-installed on your new PC

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