Apps Used By ISIS Terrorists To Communicate Online

After ISIS attacks on people in Paris, the terrorist groups are suspected of using encrypted communicating apps. It’s a problem for government to find out the communications of terrorists and criminals.

According to NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said Wednesday on cybersecurity symposium that,

“They rate them as they are seeking to encourage people to join them”

“They’re rating these devices to show how masterful they’ve become in dealing with social media and reaching out to the audience they’re trying to recruit.”

List of secure apps used by ISIS terrorists for better encryption.



An Encrypted mobile messaging app used by ISIS members to talk in a group.


Most ISIS members connect through Twitter. Anonymous takes down more than 20,000 ISIS Twitter accounts.

HushMail & ProtonMail

Email service for ISIS are non-US companies. This service has invite-only option. Both email service offer free and encrypted email.


A tool that can change location data on photos, so that they don’t reveal the actual place.

CryptoPhone & BlackPhone

Highly used by ISIS terrorists for secure phone calls, offering secure message and voice communication.

FireChat & TinCan & TheServalProject

Recommended apps for ISIS members without internet, even though they are not encrypted.


Service to protect jihadis from spyware and fraudulent sites.

Tor & Avast SecureLine

Favorite browser for ISIS and hackers, sine it hides the user ID and encrypts everything.

VeraCrypt & TrueCrypt

These tools used to hide their data which is encrypted

According to Brantly, a cybersecurity in West Point Center said that,”The jihadis they encounter in ISIS forums and chatrooms. They are signs of increased interest not only in securing their own communication but hacking other targets as an ISIS.”

Cyber Caliphate, a hacking group that supports ISIS, says that they were responsible for hacking the US Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts this year.

“They’re not super-talented hackers, but they’re reasonable.” Brantly says.

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frikkie botes November 24, 2015 - 5:26 am
Isis do exist, but in the whitehouse USA with Obama the leader Isis is worldwide, but when someone farts ,Isis get the blame and Syria gets bombed , Like Bin laden who got blamed and Iraq got bombed, wait till Syria is no more, then Iran will be bombed in search of Isis.
Tshepo November 23, 2015 - 6:31 pm
Come on, we are not all that stupid if Isis or Isil uses this tools then the Chinese government must be using Norton anti-virus

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