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Your mouse movements can tell if you are angry

by Unallocated Author

Researchers at Brigham Young University have found an way to tell if you’re angry by the way you move a mouse.

According to Jeffrey Jenkins, people experiencing anger, sadness, confusion, frustration become less precise in their cursor movement and move the cursor at different speeds.

“Using this technology, websites will no longer be dumb,” Jenkins said.

“Websites can go beyond just presenting information, but they can sense you. They can understand not just what you’re providing, but what you’re feeling,” he said.

According to Jenkins said that, “It’s counter-intuitive. People might think, ‘When I’m frustrated, I start moving the mouse faster’, well, no, you actually start moving slower.”

“Traditionally it has been very difficult to pinpoint when a user becomes frustrated, leading them to not come back to a site,” he said. “Being able to sense a negative emotional response, we can adjust the website experience to eliminate stress or to offer help.”

This technology can also be applied to mobile devices, by the you swipe and tap on the mobile screen.


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