Pokémon Go Players Are Busy Hacking Pokémon Go Servers To Reveal Spawn Points

As mobile apps are among the easiest things to reverse-engineer, it didn’t take long for developers to break down Pokémon Go’s inner-workings and start revealing some of its secrets. Even this time Reddit didn’t fail to provide cheats for the world popular game – Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go the talk of the world right now is been targeted by the players to hack its server and reveal the spawn points.

Just A Simple Reverse Engineering Did The Work

One can always depend on Reddit when it comes to cheating in your favorite game. Redditors didn’t actually hack Pokémon Go’s servers, but simply reverse-engineered the HTTPS requests the app receives from the game’s servers. Some users discovered a way to reveal spawn points and use them to create maps of nearby Pokémons and other game items just by constantly probing around with parameters in the server requests.

There are countless tutorials on the /r/PokemonGoDEV Reddit thread, most of them centered around Python scripts – the favorite language of reverse engineers around the globe. Every few hours, a new Reddit seems to appear with a new way to harvest Pokemon data and create your own map, which you can use to go around your city and collect only the high-value Pokémons.

There’s even one ambitious project that aims to bring all “cheaters” together to create a worldwide map of all Pokémons currently available around the world.

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