How to disable Control Panel in Windows system

In this simple tutorial, we will show you how to disable control panel in Windows system. This option works only in certain versions of Windows which requires editor system module. By disabling control panel will help you to secure your computer system settings from other user accounts.


Steps to disable Control Panel in Windows system


Step 1: Run command prompt and enter ‘gpedit.msc‘ or press ( ‘windows‘ button + r ). Local Group Policy will now be opened up.

Step 2: In left side of the panel click User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel.

Step 3: In right side of the panel click open ‘Prohibit access to Control Panel and PC settings‘. Once opened up, now on the left top corner click ‘Enabled‘ from ‘Not Configured‘ and click ‘OK‘.

Now you have successfully disable Control Panel in your Windows system. You can enable it by repeating 1st two steps and on the 3rd step click ‘Not Configured‘ from ‘Enabled‘ and click ‘OK‘. This will revert your settings back to normal and you can use Control Panel back again.


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