How to unroot Android

You might ask what is the use of rooting an Android smart phone. Well by rooting an Android smart phone will give you give you administrator privileges, that is you can fully access and change things on your Android smart phone.

Today we are going to see 4 ways to unroot an Android smart phone.

  • Unroot using Flash stock firmware
  • Unroot using SuperSU unrooting
  • Unroot using Universal unroot app


How to unroot Android by Flash stock firmware

What I say is, this is the best method to unroot Android device. Every device has different stock ROM and video/written guides for specific device. Sometimes you can unroot by simply installing an OTA (over-the-air) update. You can check the Root Checker app to confirm if you’ve successfully unrooted your Android smart phone.


How to unroot Android using SuperSU unrooting app

SuperSU, a free to unroot Android smartphone. This requires a rooted device. Open the app and click on settings tab, you’ll see a Full unroot option. Check on all the options to unroot your device. After sometime your device will be rebooted and unrooted.


How to unroot Android using Universal unroot app

This app is similar to SuperSU app. If SuperSU app didn’t work out for you then you can try this app. But this is a paid-for app, which costs $1 on Google Play Store. Download and install Universal unroot app and click the “unroot” button and then “Yes“.

Note: Once you unrooted your Android device, its good to check the Root Checker app to confirm a successful unroot.

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