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‘Shadow Brokers’ Nobody Wants To Buy The NSA Tools

by Unallocated Author

Hacking group named ‘Shadow Brokers‘ is very upset that no one seems to be bidding on their pilfered files got from large cache of National Security Agency hacking tools

Since August, “TheShadowBrokers” have been claiming that they had acquired NSA hacking tools through a breach of the Equation Group, which is believed to be an offshoot of the NSA. After offering what appears to be proof of the tools’ legitimacy, they announced that they wanted a million dollars for the rest of their information.

TheShadowBrokers have only received bids for a total of 1.76 bitcoins or about $1,082 in Bitcoins far below the group’s asking price of $1 million.

According to random post on Medium shows that, “TheShadowBrokers is thinking this is information communication problem,” meaning that they need more media pickup, I assume.

“Peoples is having interest in free files,” the post continues.

“But people is no interest in #EQGRP_Auction.” this means they’ve had some interested people but no one willing to actually pay for the asking price.

It’s still unknown whether TheShadowBrokers have real NSA tools for sale. Edward Snowden thinks it’s likely and various computer security experts have said that the released documents are legitimate.

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