After Google, It is Microsoft Now, Surface Phone Specs Seem Odd Yet Interesting

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Everyone hopes the Surface Phone to be real, and while Microsoft prefers to remain tight-lipped and not say a single thing about this model, designers across the world are putting their imagination to work to envision what the new device could look like.


This is the case of this artwork coming via ConceptPhones and envisioning a new Windows phone (the Surface Phone is actually the only Windows phone that Microsoft can launch, given the fact that the Lumia brand is close to going dark).

At first glance, the design looks weird, especially given the form factor and the small home button squeezed below the screen, but on the other hand, it proposes several interesting features that Microsoft could use to actually innovate in the somewhat saturated mobile industry.

The button on the back, for example, isn’t only a fingerprint reader but it also serves several other purposes based on user gestures.

Called “Smart all-in-one control,” the button is first and foremost a power button, so you can push and hold it to power on the device. Additionally, however, it also comes with lock options, so you simply push it to lock and to unlock the device.

At the same time, the fingerprint reader allows you to simply touch the button with a pre-defined finger to get access to the phone, but what’s more interesting is that it can also allow users to adjust volume by scrolling up and down on the button.

The phone envisioned in the concept comes with 12-megapixel cameras with Zeiss lens and is made of aluminum for a very premium feeling.

It obviously runs Windows 10 Mobile and features a 5-inch screen, although there are big chances for the Surface Phone, if it really exists, to come with a display that’s larger than that. Certainly, we can only hope that the Surface Phone is on its way to the market and Microsoft is ready to give another try to the mobile business.

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