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Update Your Adobe Flash Player Now Or You Maybe At Rise

by Unallocated Author

Adobe rushed out an emergency patch on October 26th (yesterday) for a serious Adobe Flash Player flaw found recently. Malicious hackers have discovered a flaw (CVE-2016-7855) in Adobe Flash Player, which can help hackers hijack almost any kind of computer remotely. It is a must that you patch your Flash browser plugins immediately, or consider limiting it’s usage or disabling it altogether.

According to Adobe security, the flaw has the potential to affect not only Windows but also OS X/macOS, Linux and Chrome OS as well. Adobe rates this flaw “critical”, meaning that it can affect user’s systems without their knowledge.

Note: If you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11, the update will come automatically. Otherwise you will have to visit Flash Player’s “About” web page to see whether you have the latest software installed, if you don’t have the latest software installed then install it  (On Linux you ought to have version and on every other platform, you ought to have version

However the average user is probably not at risk just yet because the attacks so far have been targeted to specific types of individuals, but still to be on the safer side update the software to latest version.

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