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New Update In Google Chrome Browser Helps User To Browse Faster

by Unallocated Author

Google has launched a new update that starting with Chrome 53. The latest browser is using Microsoft’s Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) technology that can increase page load time up to 14.8 percent and page load time by 5.9 percent and startup time by 16.8 percent.

PGO uses data from runtime execution that track which functions are most common to guide optimization.

According to a blog post says that, “To gather this data, the nightly build process now produces a special version of Chrome that tracks how often functions are used. PGO then optimizes those high-use functions for speed, in some cases increasing the binary size of those functions. To balance out that increase, PGO also optimizes less-used functions with smaller, though slightly slower code. These trade-offs result in higher overall performance, and a smaller overall code footprint.”

To experience the PGO technology you need to download Google Chrome 53 64-bit or Google Chrome 54 -32-bit.

According to third-party data, Google Chrome is currently running on more than 50% of the world’s computer’s, while Microsoft is pushing everyone to Edge browser. The new Windows 10 app is far behind with approximately 5 percent share.

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