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Dailymotion Hacked and Details of 85 Million Users Exposed

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Popular video sharing website Dailymotion which is the second largest in the world after the giant Youtube has recently got hacked and according to the reports, due to this nearly 85.3 million accounts were exposed.

Although the breach wasn’t publicly acknowledged by Dailymotion officials, ZDNet reports that it received evidence of a hack that possibly took place on October 20 when a hacker managed to extract more than 85 million usernames and email addresses.

Approximately 18.3 million accounts included in the leaks also had passwords, but they were hashed with Bcrypt, LeakedSource, who obtained the leaked data, reveals.

Details regarding the hacker behind the attack are not available just yet, but users are strongly recommended to change their passwords as soon as possible. Dailymotion is not yet notifying customers about the data breach, so without an official notification, millions of accounts could remain exposed.

The IP cameras that come with these backdoors are primarily aimed at businesses, and Sony urges everyone to deploy the new firmware updates to remain secure.

“SEC Consult recommends Sony and Sony customers to conduct a thorough security review of the affected products. It is essential to restrict access to IP cameras using VLANs, firewalls etc. Otherwise, the risk of being a botnet victim (e.g. Mirai) is high,” the security report states.

According to the original advisory, a hacker could take advantage of the backdoors using either a local network or a web connection, as long as these cameras can be accessed online.

You can refer to the box below to see the Sony IP cameras that were confirmed to come with a backdoor, and use this link to download the new firmware versions.

Sony has already acknowledged the security vulnerability and said that “we are grateful to SEC Consult for their assistance in enhancing network security for our network cameras.”

source: softpedia

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