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MongoDB Database Hit By Ransomware Attack

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MongoDB databases have suffered a surge of ransomware attacks, with over 27,000 servers currently compromised as hackers steal and delete data from unpatched or poorly-configured systems.

Used for analytics and data study, MongoDB is a famous open-source NoSQL database. In popular rankings, it comes after giants like Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

According to ethical hacker Victor Gevers, one-fourth of 99 thousand MongoDB instances which are open to the internet have been attacked. It has been said that ransom criminals target mainly those accounts which do not have password protected admin accounts.

Hackers use automated scanning tools searching the web for signs of insecure or improperly configured MongoDB systems, he added.

Currently, the situation is really bad for MongoDB owners and there is no sign of hope. The worse part is many groups are hacking the same servers again and again, and exchanging notes on ransom which makes are almost impossible to track victim’s data. And this results in paying ransom to other people.

Hackers use ransomware to attack computers specifically of organisations and then encrypt delicate and important data, before asking for a ransom to give the data back. Small businesses to big enterprises, no one without proper resources is safe for such threats. Ransomware is used for encryption of valuable files and it is impossible for companies to get them back, and has to give in to the ransom demands.

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