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Breach Notification Website LeakedSource Raided, Shut Down

by Unallocated Author

A website dedicated to informing the public about data breaches named LeakedSource, went offline and it has been 24 hours since it is down. Speculations say that the website has become the target of a raid from the law enforcement for becoming a controversial platform about breach notification. This assumption came from a message posted on the Pastebin by a user. The message reads as follows:

“LeakedSource is now down forever and it won’t be coming back. The owner was raided early this morning. He wasn’t arrested, but all SSD’s are got taken, and the LeakedSource servers are subpoenaed and placed under the federal investigation. If somehow he recovers from this attack and launches LS again, then I will be wrong. But I am not wrong.”

If all of what is said above is true, then it is very likely the US law enforcement authorities are responsible for this raid.

It is indeed true that the LeakedSource is a controversial website for some since it has garnered criticism to some extent resentment from some companies that wanted to keep information about the data breaches confidential. Till now the site has highlighted numerous data breaches that include FriendFinder Networks, Last.fm, VerticalScope, Rambler, LinkedIn, and DailyMotion.

It is also worth noting that last year has been quite a difficult year for the organisations and the users alike since it showcased a record-breaking number of data breaches and nearly 4.2 billion records are exposed. Ever since then, this website has been sticking out like a sore thumb for those affected by the breaches for the most.

Since 10th January, the Twitter account of LeakedSource has remained inactive and on various occasions, LeakedSource users have complained about the website being unresponsive or offline. The same seems to be the case in this scenario as well but this time users are speculating that the site may never come back online. Users are naturally irritated as some of the site’s users claimed on hacker forums that they recently bought LeakedSource subscription.

source: hackread


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