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Kaspersky Lab department Head arrested for treason

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The head of computer incidents and investigation team at the Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov was arrested for treason, reported the newspaper Kommersant on this Wednesday, citing the unnamed sources.

The Kaspersky Lab has confirmed the news of Stoyanov’s arrest, they have stated that he was at Lefertovo prison since the December 2016. The company also stated that the Stoyanov is now being investigated as a private citizen and also there was no case against the company.

The Kommersant’s sources indicate that the Stoyanov’s arrest is linked to an investigation into the activity of the Sergey Mikhaylov who is the head of one of the departments of the FSB’s cyber security division. Mikhaylov is also arrested.

The investigative team says that an employee of the FSB’s cyber security division (it is unclear whether the employee in this question is Mikhayalov or not) received the money from a foreign company using a Russian-based intermediary legal entity that is operating in the field of cyber security.

The founder of this online payment platform, the Pavel Vrublevsky has told Kommersant that Mikhaylov “in many regards informally determines policies of the entire cyber security industry and also of the Internet commerce. As a result of this, his arrest may have repercussions on the cyber security and the Internet commerce markets.

Kaspersky Lab has confirmed that the case against Stoyanov is based on his activities before 2012, that is before he began working for the company.

Earlier in this January, Kommersant has reported that head of the FSB’s Information Security Center Andrei Gerasimov could soon be dismissed. Gerasimov’s allegedly impending dismissal, according to the publication, was related to an investigation of one of his deputies. The centre was then being investigated over its relations with commercial companies specialising in cyber crimes. Amongst these companies were Kaspersky Lab and Group-IB.

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