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PayPal users face “Payment Successfully Made Via Ali Express” Phishing Scam

by Unallocated Author

PayPal is one of the biggest platforms used for sending and receiving the payments by small medium and even large enterprises. This also makes it the most obvious target for the cyber criminals that is why PayPal phishing scams have become so common these days. However, with every single new attack, the attackers are coming up with a new idea and new tactics to trick the innocent users and steal their financial and personal information.

Recently, many PayPal users have received an email which claims a payment of $450.0 USD that has been made to lie.xyy ([email protected]) from their official PayPal account through the AliExpress for iPhone 6S Black 32GB with but in case the user did not even make this payment and was now looking to resolve the issue they clicked the link.

If you are someone who likes to keeps an eye on online scams, you may easily suspect that something is wrong with this login to your PayPal account, you will just login to check what is going on while many innocent users may simply click on the link in the email body and fall victim for the scam. I personally, was in great shock since I never made any payment for an iPhone 6s from AliExpress or Alibaba but upon going through the email content it pretty certain that this was nothing out a Phishing scam.

As it can be seen in the email content, the scammers are trying to convince users that the order is being processed and during this time you are unable to do any operation on their order but the fact is that one can file a dispute against the order or payment sent through PayPal.


The email address which is used by the scammers to carry this attack out is [email protected] Upon clicking on the roadrunner.com domain, users are redirected to twcc.com (Time Warner Cable Central).

source: hackread

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