Apple May Introduce Facial Recognition Instead of Touch ID in iPhone 8

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Apple has introduced the fingerprint scanning feature prevent the hassle of remembering the long passwords and also to make sure that the phone is not vulnerable to hackers. But, the company also believes that this technology is still not enough and it need to augment their security measures, to even further and provide maximum privacy and protection to its users.

Perhaps this is the reason why Apple is planning to replace their existing fingerprint scanning feature with the latest facial recognition in their next iPhone model.

The Analyst Rod Hall from the J. P Morgan stated that the upcoming iPhone model may include a front-facing 3D scanner in place of its Home button, this will, either way, be replaced since Apple planning to design a full-glass front for their upcoming phone model. Hall also stated that Apple believes in biometric facial scanning which is going to solve many privacy issues and will this makes the device more protected while using their Apple Pay. This also reduces the problems created by wet weather conditions in which fingerprint scanner usually does not work properly. Hall added that addition of the feature would also mean that the cost of the upcoming phone will increase about $10 to $15 at least, per device. This means the next iPhone is going to be a lot more expensive that one might expect.

According to Loup Ventures’ analyst Gene Munster, Apple is for sure working on augmented reality platform and has plans in place to incorporate 3D sensors in its upcoming phones. Whereas Hall believes that this feature will most likely be used for carrying out home renovation measurements, 3D printing related scanning and for clothes sizing.

Hall also stated that along with enhancing security, the 3D sensor could also be used to provide improved augmented reality settings to the users.


Source: NBC

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