This Tiny “Spyslide Webcam Cover” Can Protect Your Privacy From Hackers

Last year, a picture of Mark Zuckerberg in his office has gone viral on the Internet, but the reason for it was not Zuckerberg himself but the background in the picture showing his Macbook webcam which is covered with a tape. Why did he cover his webcam? Well, thanks to Edward Snowden who taught us a lot of things about privacy, even exposing how government spies and how hackers can secretly spy on users through their webcams without the user knowing anything.

Ever since then, we have been urging our viewers to protect their privacy by respecting their privacy. Now, Spy-Fy which is a group of privacy advocates from Amsterdam, and have developed a webcam cover which is very small in size but efficient and great at work. Dubbed as the Spyslide, this tiny webcam covers a laptop webcam and also fits perfect on tablets and desktops. However, you may need to wait for a little long to get a perfect match for your smartphone.

The Spyslide webcam cover was launched on Indiegogo just a few hours ago. We at Hackread were lucky enough to get a sample from Peter van de Rijdt, co-founder of the project.

Spyslide is not only elegant but also sleek in design. One of the best things we noticed about this cover is that it almost looks invisible once installed on a webcam, unlike stickers or tapes that make a device a bit rough looking. We tested Spyslide on Mac, but, the good news is that it has already been tested on several other devices including desktops, laptops and tablets from HP, Acer, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Chromebook, Lenovo, and Asus. So if you are looking for a webcam cover, Spyslide might be a suitable choice for you.

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