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Cybercriminals Have a Profit Margin of Up to 95% from DDoS Attacks

by Unallocated Author

Cyber criminals who offer DDoS-as-a-service have a profit margin of nearly 95%. This shows why this service has become so popular in the dark net.

According to the Kaspersky Lab experts, black market’s offering of DDoS services is very high, and the criminals who want to arrange these attacks find it to be quite profitable.

To set up an attack they spend as little as $7 an hour, but while the targeted company can lose thousands of dollars to millions, depending on the level and length of the attack.

the people who offer these kinds of attacks have set up a whole business. They are offering those in need a site where the customers can register, select whatever service they need and pay for it. As Kaspersky’s experts pointed out, there are some customer loyalty programs available for whoever want a repeat experience.

The final price of these attacks can vary a lot, and it takes a lot of variables into account. For example, it matters what type of attack is being used, the length of the attack and client’s location. It seems that the DDoS attacks on English-language websites are more expensive compared to attacks on Russian-language sites.

“Another major factor that affects the cost is type of victim. Attacks on the government websites and resources protected by the dedicated anti-DDoS solutions are more expensive, as the former are very high risk, while the latter is more difficult to attack,” Kaspersky points out.

“It means a DDoS attack can cost anything from about $5 for a 300-second attack, to upto  $400 for 24 hours. The average price for an attack is nearly 25 per hour. Kaspersky Lab’s experts were also able to calculate that an attack using a cloud-based botnet of 1000 desktops is likely to cost the providers about $7 per hour. That means the cyber criminals organising DDoS attacks are making a profit of around $18 per hour,” the report reads.

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