Nevada’s Citizens Privacy is being protected from ISP’s by the government

Nevada’s proposed legislations goes one step further and addresses the disparities between privacy disclosure requirement for ISPs and telecoms like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and large internet companies, services such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Now that the FCC’s internet privacy rule have been overturned by Congressional actions, some states have stepped up in the vaccuum of consumer protection to provide internet privacy protections. In Washington’s, for instance, the rule is being enforced at a city level in the Seattle and Tacoma region. In Minnesota, legislation was considered that would have required proper disclosure by ISPs on a state level. Other state, like Montana, have added additional electronic privacy protection that protect phones from illegal search and seizure. In some state, like Massachusetts, the push for internet privacy actually has Republican supports as well as Democratic support.

SB 538 in Nevada is interesting because it address both sides of the camp and apply the same internet privacy disclosure requirement to both internet providers and internet company. It’s refreshing to see legislation proposed that clearly has the interest and inputs of customer presents.

The Bill was introduced by using following word

“For generations, privacy has been an essential Nevada values and that should not change in the Internet age. This bill take the simple step of requiring that consumer receive fair notice when their personal informations is being collected. It’s important that Nevada’s privacy laws reflect the fact that we are all conducting more and more of our life online.”

The state attorney general could seek fines or injunctions if internet operator willingly fail to provide notice within a month of being warned.

President Donald Trump last month signed a law that could allow internet providers to sell information about their customer online browsing habit.

Nevada joins a wave of state legislature that have since taken up bills seeking a broad range of internet privacy protection.

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