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LastPass now supports Two-factor authentication

by Unallocated Author

LastPass (Password manager ) has added a new feature to its software by providing the ability to store two-factor authentication codes.

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a process of authenticating a user’s claimed identity by utilizing a combination of two different components.

Many corporations, like Facebook, Google, ..etc. offer the ability to generate one-off access codes from a device or application. Users usually scan a barcode that is unique to their accounts, and that barcode is used to calculate a sequence of access codes, by providing a new code every time. When a user tries to login with username and password, the system will require the security code so that the user can log in.

“Multifactor authentication refers to a device that can be enabled for use with your LastPass account, and requires a second step before you can gain access to your account. Multifactor authentication devices help protect your account from keyloggers and other threats – even if your Master Password were captured, someone would be unable to gain access to your account without this second form of authentication.”

To enable Multifactor Authentication, go to the LastPass Vault > click Account Settings on the left menu > Multifactor Options.

Two-factor authentication is an excellent idea because there is a second level of authentication using a different device and that will increase the security level.

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