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Indian hacker was able to hack Air India

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He Could Have Travelled The World For Free! By exploiting Air India flaws.

A young ethical hacker who is in his early age recently managed to conduct a hacking spree and reward himself a discounted flight, a free ticket and much more. However, instead of that, Kanishk Sajnani reported the system’s flaws to the respective companies, because he is an ethical hacker.

Speaking about hacking the apps of Indian Airline companies, Sajnani explained how he succeeded to book a flight to San Francisco for just Re 1, booked another flight for Rs 4 and got a refund of Rs 2000 and lots more. But instead of using these tickets for his own gains, he acted ethically and reported it to the CEO of Air India first.

Air India Ticket

Air India Ticket Transactions

The researcher received an unexpected phone call from the manager of Air India that is asked him to prove if such a vulnerability existed.

The Manager then discusses the reproduction steps required to exploit the system flaws. Sajnani sent all the details along with POC( Proof of Concept ) videos to the IT team of Air India.

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