Beginner’s Guide to Setting up a Torrenting Platform

Despite the stigma and popular belief, torrenting is not solely used for downloading pirated media. Although that is the majority of use, torrenting platforms can also be used to share media, download free programs, and install updates from legal sources.

Several torrenting platforms are also utilized for governmental purposes. For example, the UK government used BitTorrent to share data sets on how public money was being spent. So if you’re in the market for a fast way to share information, torrenting might be the right option.

The chosen torrenting platform for this article is qBittorent.
  1. Navigate to the download page, download the file and install – follow the prompts, it’s pretty self-explanatory
  2. Find a trusted torrenting site – steer away from the sites that cater more towards pirated torrents . . . i.e. ThePirateBay
  3. Search for whatever free program or shared media – making an account on whatever site will help with keeping track and sharing files
  4. After locating it, select “download torrent” – or select the magnet link option (little red magnet)
  5. Depending on your browser, a pop-up will appear asking if you’d like to use qBittorent with the file
  6. After loading, confirm the files – your torrent will start downloading

A known trick for finding the best torrents is utilizing the SE vs. LE aspect of operation. When browsing through the options, the fastest option is always the one with the most seeders. After finishing the torrent download, keep it in the client until it finishes seeding. If you don’t share the file back on the P2P network, you become a leecher.

The concept of torrenting is easy to grasp even after minimal research. With the added bonus of convenience and speed, it’s also definitely worth it. On the off chance that you use qBittorent to do something more sinister . . . make sure you cover your ass.

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