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Online Sex Den with Children Young as 2 is Brought Down

by Unallocated Author

An online sex den was recently brought down in a small Philippines city called Iligan. At the time of arrest, authorities literally walked into five suspects live streaming unspeakable actions. In their company were four minors – with ages ranging from 2, 6, 8, and 13.

To make matters even more messed up, it was discovered that one of the suspects is the mother of one of the victims. Sydney Morning Herald released a blog post describing the event of the arrests,

“Video of the raid taken by the NGO International Justice Mission and obtained by Fairfax Media shows police running, guns drawn, along an alleyway before entering the house and leading away children and suspects.”

Despite five arrests being made, investigations are still being continued in an effort to find any criminals that may have watched and/or purchased the live streams/videos.

So far, the five arrested include:
  • Josejyn Binuya – 43
  • Mark Kevin Ragas – 25
  • Samsodin Lantingan – 22
  • Jholly Magsayo – 18
  • Kessy Magsayo – 15

Over the last few months, dozens of cyber/sex dens have been uncovered and brought to justice. There have been a variety of occurrences involving authorities not just finding evidence – but witnessing – the live streamed torture and abuse of children.

So many people are searching for proof of red rooms. Well, here you have it. If this isn’t the definition of “red room”, I don’t know what the hell is. The probability of their existence is growing higher and higher. In all actuality, there are probably millions of things that go on virtually that the general public is blind to.

And the thing is: it’s better that way. Some things are not worth finding – and if they are, let the experts take care of it. Online sex dens are no joke. We can only hope the rapid progression of justice will continue as the months go on.

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