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Moroccan Hackers attacked 4 schools in Florida

by Unallocated Author

Hackers from Morocco succeeded to break defenses of different school area networks. The main aim of the group was to attempt and obtain a way into the sensitive government systems from there. The United Data Technologies (UDT) which is a company that studies such breaches said that the hackers succeeded to get into these networks via phishing attacks.

The group, identified as “MoRo”, is told to have infected the school networks with malware which kill the processes of logging software, enabling them to probe and test the systems for three months.

The attackers affect their victims in the form of a phishing email, by attracting users into clicking on a booby-trapped image.

“They infected the systems with malware — malicious software — that turned off the logs recording who accessed the systems, according to United Data Technologies, the Doral-based cybersecurity company that investigated the incidents. For three months, the hackers probed the systems, mapping them out and testing their defenses. At one point, they even posted photos of someone dressed as an ISIS fighter on two school district websites.”

“They weren’t just looking for the names of kids and valuable Social Security numbers, UDT found. The hackers were also searching for some way to slip into other sensitive government systems, including state voting systems.”

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