Hacker used a bank vulnerability to steal funds

A computer hacker (James Ejankowski, 24 years old) stole about £100,000 from his bank after finding a loophole, then claimed that he won the money from a scratchcard.

James transferred the money through his partner’s account, and he used the stolen money to buy a BMW car and getting a face tattoo.

The hacker was able to use a software advantage to transfer money from his current account to his savings account for an hour between midnight and 1 am, the money will transfer even if the account did not have enough money and the bank would not know.

“He transferred £53,399 to his partner Charlotte Slater’s Natwest account, and he transferred £1,362 to his father-in-law’s account which was transferred to other relatives and also used to pay off debts. He told his father-in-law that he had won the money on a Scratchcard.”

“Out of the £99,000 he said he had only £40 left. He said he bought a BMW and a Range Rover and he had given a couple of thousand pounds to his aunt, and he told his partner and his father-in-law that he had won the money on a Scratchcard.”

The lawyer said that James will pay all the money back when he is able to do so.

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