National Department of Basic Education Is Hacked with Gory Pictures

Just recently, several US government-based websites were hacked by a group calling themselves “Team System DZ”. The group of cyber criminals uploaded messages to various websites promoting the terrorist group ISIS.

In addition to the ISIS propaganda posted on the US government-based websites, Team System DZ also targeted the National Department of Basic Education.

The pictures posted were disturbing and gory; depicting decapitated corpses of adults and children. The National Department of Basic Education shut down their website late Wednesday in response, but not before several thousand online users caught sight of the revolting images.

Much like the message they left on the US government-based websites, Team System DZ also left a message for the National Department of Basic Education:

“Hacked by Team System DZ. A message to the government‚ the American people and the rest of the world. Is this the humanity that you claim‚ or is life irrelevant to Muslims? Do not imagine that these actions against Muslims will pass you and we will forget what you did to the Arab and Muslim peoples all over the world. I love Islamic State.”

While the hacking occurrence is definitely linked to Team System DZ, the Department of Education is still examining a possible link between their hacked website and a recent court ruling on no religion (whatsoever) allowed in state schools.

“The Johannesburg High Court ruled that public schools may no longer promote themselves as subscribing to a particular religion in an application brought by the Organisation for Religious Education and Democracy.

The application sought to restrain six schools from partaking in 71 instances of conduct with a religious theme‚ some identified with Christianity.”

All of the victims are working on an investigation that will (hopefully) lead them to the source of the hack. In the meantime, the pro-ISIS messages have many citizens concerned on what will happen next.

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