Three Ways We Use Information Gathering During Every Day Routines

How often do we use information gathering techniques on an everyday basis? Maybe we don’t necessarily think about it, but the fact is that we use information gathering techniques on a very regular basis.

Whether it’s trying to find someone you met at a party, doing research on a specific topic, or even reading the same news story on a multitude of sites – all of it is a form of information gathering.

So let’s discuss this interesting prospect: what are the most common ways of using information gathering techniques during every day routines?


As I mentioned earlier, doing research on a specific topic can be considered as information gathering. Reading the same news story on a multitude of sites can also fall under this category. Let’s say you’re working on a college paper or a report for work – for whatever reason, you need to do research on the topic of the paper/report.

What do you do? You start researching, of course. You either head to the library to browse paperbacks and textbooks or you sit in front of your computer screen and you open up Google. Whenever you find yourself looking up something, you are utilizing an information gathering technique.

Social Media Stalking

Let’s be honest here: everyone does it. Maybe you’re trying to keep tabs on your friends or family. Perhaps you’re trying to learn a few things about your crush. Regardless of the reason, when you spend any amount of time stalking someone’s social media profile, you’re using an information gathering technique to do it.

Just remember to cover your digital tracks – otherwise it’s extremely embarrassing to get caught in the act of internet stalking.


As an example of how simple information gathering can be at times, cooking is a must-mention. When you’re trying a new recipe or you’re following instructions off a box, you’re technically gathering information. This can really make you stop and think.

Next time you go about your normal daily routine, think about all of the different ways you’re gathering information. You will definitely be surprised.

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