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China doesn’t want to block VPN’S Services Anymore

by Harikrishna Mekala

The Chinese administration would be expecting the internet providers for blocking users’ access to individual VPNs. However, a new report issued today in the state-run news appears to disclaim that report.

The 14-month long national crackdown from now to ending on March 31st, 2018 seems aimed at small companies in China who use illegal VPN settings to get around the Firewall and carry business abroad. These businesses will be pressured into purchasing government-approved and more expensive VPN assistance or risk running outside of the law.

Most large foreign companies in China have now stripped out for their individual authorized VPN, out which normal business exercises would be almost impossible. Last year, even Fan Binxing, the creator of the Great Firewall himself, was made to use a VPN through a live presentation, leading to his embarrassment.

The statement of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology states that “authorized” VPNs will be permitted to conduct market as normal and that the new limitations only apply to companies using unofficial VPNs, a system that the department notes have been in spot since January.

That said, the report in Newdoesn’t actually clear which users are qualified for approval or whence that method will work, leaving lots of room for further restrictions if the administration decides to go that.

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