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Donald Trump Ecstasy Pills Are Making Rounds on Dark Web

by Unallocated Author

AlphaBay might be down, but dozens of black markets are still thriving on the dark web. One of these markets in particular is advertising ecstasy pills in a very…interesting way. The tablets are featured with the face of the United States President, Donald Trump.

The vendor selling them traffics them to the UK from Amsterdam and claims they will “blow your head off”, and hey – they’re only $10.45 a pop! Other marketplaces are copying the idea; one selling 1k pills for $1600 with the slogan “Trump makes parting great again”.

Even the reviews left by buyers on the various black markets are raving at the MDMA content in each tablet. This is more than a little concerning, considering anyone with a little commonsense can order the pills and potentially overdose.

After all, the media speculation on the ecstasy tablets started after an 18-year-old boy overdosed on IKEA ecstasy tablets similar to the Trump-inspired ones.

This spurred authorities into releasing an official statement on the pills:

“While subject to toxicology reports and a post-mortem, evidence at this time suggests the death is a result of consuming the ‘Ikea’ ecstasy tablets. We strongly advise members of the public not to take these tablets in the interests of their health.

Anyone who does take the tablets and becomes unwell is urged to seek medical attention through their GP or in an emergency, attend at the accident and emergency department.”

With the different variations of ecstasy tablets circulating the online black market lately, individuals – especially parents – should be keeping an extremely close eye out for unfamiliar tablets/pills lying around.

The type of society we live in is run by drugs and illegal services. The fact that the illegal activity is morphing from street crimes to online crimes is irrelevant, because the outcome is still the same: death for those that take too much of the wrong thing.

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