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Upto 47,000 comments were not released to public by FCC

by Harikrishna Mekala

The prevailing FCC wants to maintain that net neutrality isn’t a practical obstacle to further support their charge on the prevailing net neutrality rules. Yet News the company is working a petition to deliver higher than 47,000 net neutrality charges that it has taken since June 2015. The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) registered a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) appeal in May of this time to take the complaints, demanding to see the feedback of affected consumers is important to know the result of the FCC’s ruling to scrap the rules.

But FCC chief Ajit Pai, who has continued ordered that anti-competitive conduct and net neutrality infractions aren’t real, obviously doesn’t want this review to appear first of his final vote to kill the rules later this year.The combination had pushed the FCC to increase the initial public judgment deadline until 60 days after the assignment fully complies with the FOIA request, though the FCC this week rejected this proposal for any such extension, in interest to fighting the discharge of the stockpiled complaints.

This ruling appears after Ajit Pai has frequently insisted he’d run a far more direct ship than his forerunner Tom Wheeler, while also saying that the 2015 laws were a reply to “hypothetical harms and hysterical predictions of doom.”

Of course, we’ve well documented whereby a lack of fight in broadband has appeared in all manner of anti-competitive action from major ISPs, arranging from using usage caps as a defense against streaming competitors to charging consumers significantly more payment if they want to preserve their own privacy.

Of course, Pai knows those harms are quite real, and he also understands that openly releasing them weakens his case against killing what are very big consumer protections.

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