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MongoDB is going public by the end of this year

by Harikrishna Mekala

New York-established MongoDB helps organizations including Adobe, eBay, and Citigroup control databases. Some of its contributions cover its name-bearing MongoDB open source database and the Atlas database-as-a-service present.

The group has proposed over $300 million in equity financing beginning back to 2008, including well-known investors like Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, and NEA. It’s last funding round was more than two years ago at a listed $1.6 billion valuation.

MongoDB has bought advantage of the “private filing” terms of the JOBS Act, which was launched in 2012. Many businesses are choosing to present filings and wait until 15 days before the investor roadshow before revealing its financials. This helps startups get available to list on the stock market externally as much scrutiny until a few weeks before the debut.

There have been rumblings of an inevitable MongoDB IPO for several years now. In May, the Wall Street Journal announced that the company hired finance bankers to move ahead with the IPO process.

We recently announced that Stitch Fix has also filed personally for an IPO. We’re discovering that a number of organizations are preparing to go public between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

IPOs are an excellent way to give liquidity to employees and early investors. While businesses like Google and Amazon have seen tremendous success in the stock market, recent high-profile IPOs like Snap and Blue Apron have fought. Cloudera, a big data company, has continued above its IPO price.

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