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Sale of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is now discontinued at BestBuy

by Harikrishna Mekala

Best Buy felt there remained “too many pending questions” and so chose to stop selling the antivirus products, said U.S. press StarTribune, which first announced the retailer’s decision, citing a source close to the matter.

A Best Buy spokeswoman approved the statement but refused to provide further details.

A U.S. Congressional committee had asked state agencies to share reports on the cyber security firm, saying its results could be used to carry out “evil activities against the United States”, Reuters reported in July

The U.S. government had in July dismissed Kaspersky from its lists of recommended vendors used by government offices to purchase technology equipment.

Kaspersky, which has rejected ties with any government, said on Friday the organizations had suspended their ties.

‘However, the link may be re-evaluated in the prospect,’ it said in a statement.

‘Kaspersky Lab has experienced a decade-long partnership with Best Buy and its consumer base, and Kaspersky Lab will remain to offer its industry-leading cyber security solutions to customers through its website and other retailers.’

The security software vendor, established in 1977 by Russia-born Eugene Kaspersky, runs a global business with an estimated 400 million product users.

In July, the US administration removed Kaspersky from its list of authorized vendors, weeks after top US intelligence firm and law enforcement officials publicly showed concerns about the safety of its software.

Last week, Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen said she was proposing legislation to ban US government organizations from using Kaspersky software.

But no proof has been given to back up vague statements that it might be a tool of Moscow, offering Russian spies back-door entry into networks worldwide.

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