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Information of more than 6000 users who liked Anti-Trump Page is wanted by the DOJ

by Harikrishna Mekala

“The permits make no provision for dodging or minimizing invasions into private and associational/expression data, for limiting such information from being shared widely within the government, or for suppressing irrelevant material when the search is concluded,” said the ACLU filing. In other terms, this might chill First Amendment tongue by giving the government means to observe anyone who was simply connected to anti-Trump protesters.

This fight begins from arrests made Jan. 20. Demonstrators came to Washington D.C. to oppose President Donald Trump‘s initiation, and over 200 ended up getting accused with felony rioting. In investigating the alleged culpability, the federal government later ordered three search warrants from the D.C. Superior Court against three Facebook accounts the disruptj20 page now known as Resist This owned by Emmelia Talarico, and individual accounts owned by Lacy MacAuley, and Legba Carrefour. According to the ACLU, these bodies didn’t initially know about warrants because of a gag order. Facebook encountered this gag order, which was later dismissed by the government shortly before the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled on it. Talarico, MacAuley, and Carrefour hadn’t even been attacked with Inauguration Day-related arrested by the US Attorney, said the ACLU.

The government earlier tried to get their hands on the IP addresses of 1.3 million people who visited the DisruptJ20.org website. DreamHost, the hosting provider, was followed a search warrant, which they upheld in court. The DOJ revised their demand in August to now slighting the digital address of visitors, and undistributed posts hosted on the site. A court took this further, by placing more limitations on investigators. Officials must explain how data will be reviewed, show how they will refrain from collecting prohibited information, and refrain from sharing and publishing collected data, even with other government agencies. The DOJ is requesting these restrictions. DreamHost, who was requested to hand over the information under this new court decision, was thinking over whether to appeal as well.

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