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Firefox Send now allows you to send files up to 1GB over an encrypted Connection

by Harikrishna Mekala

Firefox Send, the latest attempt from Mozilla, strives to solve this problem with one-time transfers of large files. Just click and move any file up to 1GB using the web-based interface, in Firefox or Chrome. The file is encrypted, transferred, and you’ll get a one-time link for sharing. Send the link to the user you want to share the file with. After the file is downloaded it will be removed from Mozilla’s servers, indicating no one else can download it. It’s Snapchat, but for file sharing.

Firefox calls this an exercise, and it shows. In our experiments this was occasionally a little flaky: some files took an irrationally long time and even eventually failed. Others were quick and worked just fine. Still, it’s an exciting idea and worth checking out

Getting started is simple. First, open up any latest browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge are all confirmed as of this writing, assuming your browser is up to date. Then head to send.firefox.com.

You can click the blue box to pick a file, or you can move a file to your browser window from your PC’s file manager.

Once you do this the site will locally verify and encrypt your file prior uploading it to the Firefox Send servers.

Verifying and encrypting may take a while based on your processor, and uploading might take a while based on your internet connection and the file’s size. However long it takes, you’ll ultimately get a link.

Share this with your friend. Remember: the file can only be transferred once, so don’t worry sending the link to multiple people.

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